Do You Have a Meditation Space?

Indian influenced meditation space
A beautiful Indian meditation space, colorful and peaceful.

So our minds almost never rest until we fall exhausted into bed.

In todays world our minds are being constantly entertained by phones, tablets, tv’s and computers – so much so that we almost never have a moment to quiet or calm our thinking. In truth, our minds almost never rest until we fall exhausted into bed. Many believe this kind of lifestyle isn’t good for a lot of reasons. Our health is threatened because we have stress that comes from confusion and lack of concentration and focus. We are constantly seeking an inner peace, wanting to eliminate anger, aggression, and depression. It’s been proven that the stabilization of our minds can help us have better concentration, calm emotions, and help us feel happier.

Ok, this isn’t saying we should do without technology (after all I’m a web designer). Many much wiser and more gifted than I say that meditation can help our lives become calmer, more peaceful, and bring understanding into our lives. And even bring back things we miss about our childhood – carefree joy.

My name is Sangdrol Blanchard, and I’m a Tibetan Buddhist practioner of 10 years.  I am also an artist, a writer and a photographer and currently do professional web and graphic design and branding. Over the years I have learned to bring the education, training and experience of design into my living environment. Today I have my own personal meditation space in my home, and I love helping others be creative about their own space.

Being creative means finding ways to do it better, more beautifully, and maybe cheaper. Or may be more subtle, or more colorful. Whatever it is for you, it means creatively doing it right for you.

Do you have a meditation space you love, and would love to share?  I’d love to hear from you, and see your space. The more we share, the more we learn, and the more inspired we are. And through having that inspirational meditation space, we are more inspired to MEDITATE! After all, isn’t that the point?


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