10 Reasons for a Meditation Space

Have trouble sitting on the floor? A simple meditation chair works perfectly.

People often think their lives are hectic, and wish they could find a way to bring some peace and quiet to their minds. Millions have taken meditation of yoga classes with this same wish ….. but how many actually follow through, and gain the full result? How many give themselves the chance to see if meditation or yoga can really help, or really change their lives? I’m guessing that sadly the number is larger than we would like to think. If you are one of those who have lost the inspiration to commit, read on.

Here are 10 reasons why you want a meditation place in your personal space:

  1. Seeing that space everyday, calling to you, inspires you to find the time
  2. The effort to create a space helps enforce the commitment
  3. No one will interrupt you when it’s separate
  4. It’s an escape from your daily responsibilities
  5. It leaves you with a feeling of having done something for yourself
  6. The energy is conducive to quiet because nothing else takes place in the space
  7. Once you commit and begin, it gets so much easier with a space that’s ready
  8. There’s no prep, or excuse when it’s there and waiting for you
  9. It can change not just your life, but your family and friends
  10. You will inspire others to follow your example

That’s it! Simple and easy to understand, there is very little better than a dedicated meditation space. After a hard day, you’re tired, grumpy, and yearning for some kind of relief from suffering through the rest of the day. Instead of escaping into TV or a novel immediately, do a short meditation to let go of the stress. When you sit down in your space, and quiet your mind, it all stops, and you become one with the peace for those moments. Be inspired, and inspire others. Enjoy!


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