A Meditation Space in One Day?

Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

If I had one day to create a meditation space, what and how would I do that?  The idea behind this post is to teach my readers to do this for themselves, giving them a perfect and exciting space to meditate their stresses and cares away every day! Don’t miss this post! (I hope I can deliver).

Even though I already have a space where I practice daily, I’m going to pretend I don’t have a meditation space in my home for the sake of this challenge, and just start from scratch.

Here’s my new space chosen for it’s light and out of the way placement in my home office.

I’m choosing a small space at the top of my stairs in a loft room that I currently use as an in-home office. The office is not bad, neat and blessed with some empty space. The corner of the room that is at the top of the stairs is a good choice because it’s quiet, clear of anything accept a fan and a couple of little storage boxes, and I painted the walls this great taupe last year.

The room is well lit with two windows on the far side of the room. I like that the windows are there for fresh air, but not directly in the space itself so the light is soft and subtle. The windows face south so the direct sun doesn’t come in until late in the afternoon, which suits me well since I usually meditate in the morning.  There is one small porthole window directly behind where I’ll be sitting, but this will probably be perfect. Some great sun rays slanting briefly into the room for a few minutes in the morning shouldn’t be a distraction, and will most likely make the space even more visually beautiful because of the portholes shape and interesting wood moulding.

I’ve removed the pictures from the wall, vacuumed, and gathered my items to begin placement in the space.

I’ve found a small table that’s not being used and will make a great altar.  I’ve decided to place a wooden box on the top where I can store incense and a candle when I’m not practicing. I’ll place a small white Buddha statue I have on top of the box.  Over the altar I decide to hang a large painting of a spring that runs through the desert in Northern Arizona. It’s called the Dine’ Spring (meaning Navajo Spring) and is very sacred to the Navajo as the only source of water to help their corn crops grow during spring. It will make a nice scene behind the Buddha statue and will help create a beautiful space that inspires me to quiet my mind.

My floor is covered with carpet and I prefer a wooden floor. Since I rent, and don’t have a lot of money, I’ve decided to purchase a bamboo mat that’s used as a carpet protector and can be purchased in any office supply store.  This is just my preference. While the carpet gives better padding, I like to use a large mat directly under my cushion anyway, and wood just feels more natural to me.

When I’m not meditating, my cushion stores nicely under the little bench for it’s out of the way and ready for my next session.

This all looks good, but the hard lines of the wooden bench, coupled with the box on top, needs softening somehow. This can best be done with some kind of plant of dried grass. I have this great bundled grass that might work perfectly. I’ll set that on the floor next to the bench giving the entire set up a comfortable feeling very much like being in Arizona since the color matches the painting and reminds me again of that area of the quiet desert.

I also have a plug in receptacle right next to my cushion where I can plug in my iPhone or iPad when I’m practicing.  That way I can play mantra or quiet sounds of the wind or water as I practice. The only thing missing is a lamp in case I want to practice after dark. And now that winter is coming and sunset is happening earlier I’ll have to tackle that problem with a floor lamp.

All ready for a serious meditation session with incense, candle, and a Buddha statue for a focused intention.

When not meditating I store my incense, candles (cooled and ready to store) inside the box, and stash my cushions under the little bench. Perfect!

I hope this article has helped those who are thinking that creating a meditation space in their home can be complicated and expensive. This was a fun project, inexpensive and quick. Now when I come home from a busy day I can sit for 20 minutes, quiet my mind and relax.




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